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Metering Light: The Third Eye in Photography
De-mystifying Light & Shadows

Gordon H. Nagai, Instructor


Truth be told, understanding lighting isn’t as necessary as it once was in producing excellence in photography because of the power of Photoshop and other image processing programs. However, if it bothers you that your images contain washed out highlights, shadows milky and without crisp detail; if you’re bothered that your skies and clouds are murky and lifeless – if you’d like to know how to correct these problems without having to tweak in post-processing, then this is a course for you. Learn how our camera’s onboard computer “thinks,” how its metering works, and in understanding the simple hidden logic behind the metering of light, adjust for problem lighting before you release the shutter…

* NOTE: The technical aspects for the metering of light are essentially the same whether of a digital camera or that of a film camera. The principles and techniques are the same. This course will assist you in either camera format...

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