GH Nagai Photographics

Course Syllabus

Basic Camera: or, I'm Too Lazy to Read the Manual

Gordon H. Nagai, Instructor

I. Meeting 1: Basic camera.

  1. Introductions.
  2. Class Business: Registration, attendance, and review of course outline.
  3. Identifying class questions about camera functions.
  4. Camera: A box with a hole in it.
  5. View from the top: What's in the viewfinder?
  6. Exposure metering scale: What does it tell us? What does it do...?
  7. Exposure metering systems: Evaluative, center-weighted, spot.
  8. Manual and auto-exposure/programmed metering: The eyes have it...
  9. Exposure compensation: Over light and under light.
  10. Everything else you wanted to know about cameras...


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