GH Nagai Photographics

Don't Ask; Won't Tell...

Don't Ask About:

  • My religious views.
  • My wealth.
  • My operations. And, definitely not about medications.
  • Math.
  • Astrology, cleanliness, or Feng Shui.
  • Politics or politicians.
  • Government of the People.
  • Ethics in government.
  • Government and the policies of greed.
  • Corporations, greed, and the little people.
  • Government and the cartel of corporations.
  • Eniagrams, pop(corn) psychology, or dream analysis.
  • Relationship problems.
  • Advice: Mine or yours.
Actually, I lied about My wealth above - I won't discuss money or riches, but I will talk endlessly on the rewards and benefits of doing photography as art - May the questioner be forewarned, as once you get me started, plan on sitting a spell...

Actually, if you insist, you can ask any question you wish - Again, be forewarned, however, for if you broach any of these topics we may range far afield from photography, and that may not be your interest - it certainly won't be mine...

As for advice, I'm cautious about giving any, preferring more to discuss my preferences for what I'm doing and why, what equipment I prefer and why, my approach to photography and why - but, I can help you sort out your own thinking to enable you to come to your own conclusions. You'll feel better in the end, and it will be decidedly better for my mental health - I do hate saying no...