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Tori & Paul

We raised our son the right way, please believe that. Please...! And in spite of our dedicated efforts, he came to hold the institution of marriage in a light different from his honorable parents. When he fell in love with his beloved, the two pretty much agreed they would never get married, unless there were fiscal benefits to that decision. Oh, great...! As dutiful parents, always, we didn't push the "M" word, though they at times mentioned that we did. Now, who are you going to believe...? Anyway, seeing that they truly loved one another, and gave every sign of being committed to each other, we were fine with their relationship and left well enough alone, if you know what I mean. A very wise move, don't you think...? So, when in late spring of 1996 we received an engraved invitation to a formal Halloween party for the coming October to be held at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley, we thought, "How neat that they're throwing a Halloween party...! - But, Wow, the Claremont...!"
Unbeknownst to us, or to Tori's parents, this was a clandestine plan to invite people to a festive occasion which on the surface was to celebrate Tori and Paul's move from Southern California to the Bay Area, and celebrate their favorite of all holidays, Halloween, but in reality was a fun way to hold a wedding ceremony with a delightful surprise for the parents. And, that's what it was, a Hallowedding, a term I coined, to which our generation of friends were invited, as were those of Tori and Paul. Those the most surprised by all this, and the most pleased - Tori's parents, and us, the parents of the groom...!

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