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Diana & Chris

Next are photos from the wedding rehearsal, for which the bride-to-be wore her mother's wedding dress, and tennis shoes...! It worked well with the upbeat ambience of the rehearsal. I've included here several shots from the photo session immediately following the ceremony, and a selection from the reception at the Stanford Park Hotel in Palo Alto...

As the father of the bride, I was otherwise preoccupied during the wedding ceremony itself, and my friend, Michele Dorntge, served as the principle photographer. However, following the ceremony, I worked with Michele in taking the formal wedding photographs, except those shots that included the father of the bride.
I shot the B/W photos of the wedding party, while Michele worked in color - a rare privilege, this, to photograph my daughter's wedding and reception.

For the full coverage of the Villa Montalvo wedding, check out my daughter and son-in-law's web site for the eventful day:
Villa Montalvo Wedding.

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